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Tailored to Your Needs: No two industrial processes are the same, which is why MESABI offers customization options. Adapt our heat exchangers to your unique requirements and optimize their performance for your application.

Experience Peak Thermal Performance: MESABI Heat Exchangers are engineered for exceptional heat transfer and thermal performance. Our commitment to excellence means your processes run smoother and more efficiently.

Effortless Maintenance, Reliable Support: MESABI understands the importance of hassle-free maintenance. We offer comprehensive support services, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly, and your operations remain uninterrupted.

Invest Wisely, Save Profoundly: The choice is clear: MESABI Heat Exchangers lead to significant long-term savings. Explore the economic advantages of reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance, and increased productivity.

Tailored to Your Needs

Mesabi Core

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Compatible OEM Number(s): K194-596 K194-602 K194-653 K194-768 K194-772 K194-773 K194-815 K194-839 K194-844 K194-847 K194-876 K194-879 K194-921 K194-947 K194-1011 K194-1033 K194-1041 K194-1048 K194-1072 K194-1073 K194-1074 K194-1082 K194-1084 K194-1085 K194-1086 K194-1094 K194-1095 K194-1096 K194-1097 K194-1129 K194-1169 K194-1171 K194-1180 K194-1181 K194-1187 K194-1265 K194-1298 K194-1300 K194-1350 K194-1454 C221355 73713 K094-69 K094-45


Get the performance you require, the reliability you need, the productivity you demand, and the edge competitive you want.

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